Some may call it food porn - to us it's just "the menu".

Delicate, plump sushi. Panna cotta that wobbles like a voluptuous woman on stilettos. Smooth, fleshy slivers of line fish or beef Carpaccio. But there's a slap that comes with that tickle, and it's called the mains.

When we talk about our main courses we talk in the language of the artisans. Stacks of vegetables, chunks of bread, a pile of prawns. Work on that handy man fantasy with a bucket of thin-cut fries. Rustic it may be, but honey, food has never made a wooden board look so good.

(Please note a standard 10% service charged will be added for tables of 8 or more)

Bungalow Food Menu
Winter Specials Food Menu

Yes, most of our wines are South Africa's best, and yes we also stock French Champagne, but there will be no pinot blah blah here.

No "that's an excellent choice sah, the nose has a hint of apple and elderberry" BS here. You order it. We bring it, you drink it. The wonderful art of getting an elegant buzz on has never been this simple. And as for the cocktails, they preen and pose on the menu like a line of chorus girls, waiting to be cast.

From old favourites that can still do that thing they do, to new talent with fresh ways to make your head spin.

(Please note we have a "no bring your own" wine policy.)

Bungalow Drinks Menu